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CHECKredi Check Verification Services

As a business, you want to make sure your customer is satisfied, especially when it comes time for payment. If they prefer to pay by check, you need to be sure you have the proper equipment available to make processing payment safe and easy for all parties involved. Here's where CHECKredi can help. The check verification process is as easy as integrating CHECKredi's system into your existing equipment. Then you can accept checks without the worry of check fraud or bounced checks.

Whether it's easier for you to install software into your existing equipment or acquiring a new check reading device, CHECKredi can provide you with a secure payment solution that makes verifying checks as easy as it is accurate. Combine exceptional customer service with effective check payment processing services and equipment, and you have CHECKredi's full-service capabilities.


Checkredi's Check Guarantee Services

Make sure you're protected from bad checks with CHECKredi's Check Guarantee Services. Before you start accepting checks online, in-store, or over the phone, why not enroll in CHECKredi's worry-free way of accepting checks, because if anything were to happen, you are reimbursed 100% on all guaranteed checks. Increase convenience and company cash flow by giving customers another payment option, all while reducing the cost associated with credit card transaction fees. Guaranteed.


Point-of-Sale Check Authorization

Gone are the days where you need to carefully store your checks and hope they will clear after processing. With Electronic Check Conversion and POS check processing equipment from CHECKredi, merchants can verify, authorize, and process a check the moment it's rendered for payment.

CHECKredi is known for their superior electronic payment processing services and secure payment solutions, such as check collections, electronic check conversions, and credit card processing. See what CHECKredi can do to satisfy the check verification needs of your company, contact them today.

Never Receive a Bad Check Again!

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